Month: January 2016

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My map covered walls

All of my friends know that if we’re going to a new place, I’ll be the one with the map out leading us there. I do not know how anyone got anywhere before Google maps. I love maps, especially well designed maps.

Reasons why maps are great:

   1. They help you be more efficient

   2. You use them to go see new places

   3. Maps put a context on where you are currently

   I already have a map tapestry, globe and a paper map in my room, I am always looking to collect more. These are some of my favorite pieces I’ve seen:


Found on flickr


Found on tumblr


Found on Behance

All these styles are so beautiful! My favorite are the ones with the details that match the different parts on the map. If anyone has any maps they want to love, definitely send them to me. I will absolutely nerd out about them with you.


I want to be Julia Child

   A lot of my favorite books and movies are about chefs. Julia Child’s memoir My Life In France is possibly my favorite book I’ve ever read because it is about how she found something she loved and did not stop until she mastered it. Jon Favreau’s Chef made me want to quit everything and work at a food truck.

   What attracts me to chefs is how passionate they are about their work. Being a chef is not easy and requires a lot of practice. Yet, these famous chefs found something they wanted to do and worked to get there.

   Design and development are the same way for me. With so many different skills to master, it can be exhausting. You can ask my roommates, I spend a lot of time on my computer learning and practicing these skills.

   But this brings me to the question, what do I want to do? I want to be Julia Child, to find my passion and never quit on it. I want to work with design and development. I want to work with new technologies. I want to make things beautiful and simple to use. I want a lot of things.

   Like every other university senior, the answer to this question holds the key to my future.  Right now, I have a vague answer. But one of things that I know I want is to have a job doing something I believe in.

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

― Julia Child

harry potter

Harry Potter is real life

Gifs are one of my favorite forms of communication and not only because they are basically the same thing as the moving pictures from Harry Potter. I love their simplicity and how quickly people are able to relate to them.

While reaction gifs are in fact the best way to respond to anything, I really just love anything that allows for simple animation. Gifs are great for more intricate animation, but creating animation with code is the most exciting to me.

   Simple looping animations fill the unique design challenge of social media like Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest. They also work great for loading pages or backgrounds on websites.

   Within the next month I hope to try out some of my own animation, but until then, check out these awesome animations other people have made.


design nerd

Design Nerd

   My relationship with design was not love at first sight, not by a long shot. Like a relationship in a Jane Austen novel, it developed into something beautiful over time.

   I was a nerd in high school; and though I liked history and english, I had never found an academic passion. My first encounter with design was the second semester of senior year [read: checked out] in an elective graphic design class. I promptly disregarded it as impractical and went off to pursue a practical college major: psychology.

   Umpteen major changes later, I ended up in a graphic design class and this time, it took. I started spending all my time learning how to use Illustrator and Photoshop, my Pinterest board exploded. I was a nerd again, but this time I had become a design nerd.

   Beautiful, inventive logos, cohesive restaurant branding, hand lettering, innovative websites, developing technology: picking a career path seems to get harder the more I decide what I like. It’s the best kind of problem, loving too many aspects of my career.

   This blog is going to be a chance for me to explore all sorts of design and maybe I’ll figure out a bit more about myself in the process. You can follow and explore with me!