Month: October 2016

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This week in UX ideas

My typical Instagram uses are scrolling through my feed of my friends’/favorite fashion bloggers’ pictures, liking those, and seeing how many likes I get on my most recent picture. Just recently though, I added a new use, finding new things to do or places to eat. So far, it’s gone great. I’ve had some awesome meals. I also found a sunflower field. I then Instagrammed, tagging the location so that some other lucky soul might find it the same way I did.

Sunny days call for sunflowers 🌻🌻

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However, right now I have to look at the location on Instagram, then open up Google Maps and save the location there. I’ve heard from several friends that they also have started using Instagram to find new places. They said that they don’t use Google Maps as aggressively as I do to save locations. They have been screenshotting pictures to save the location of any place they want to be able to find later.


This is not the ideal solution since it wastes their storage space and is disorganized. My solution is also not ideal because I still have to type in the name of the place and find and save it in a separate app.img_4573

The Idea

My idea is to have a location saving feature in Instagram. I love the idea of a zoom-able map with all your saved locations pinned on it. When you click on a location, it returns you to the feed of the most recent Instagrams at that location. Alternatively, you could sync your Instagram with Google Maps so that when you save a location in Instagram, it automatically saves to Google Maps if you would like.

This is just a UX (user experience) idea right now. With no real evidence to back up the idea that it would be worthwhile other than a good number of dinner conversations. I plan to conduct some potential user interviews and create some user maps, then make some wireframes of what this could look like. Keep your eye out for these updates!