Disney and Pixar Present the Shining

What the Shining taught me about teamwork

Disney & Pixar present The Shining. I’ll bet that’s a phrase you never expected to hear. Well my friend, teamwork can bring out the unexpected. It can result in something one person couldn’t make.

In this case, it was an assignment: mash up 2+ movies into a title sequence. My partner loved Pixar and I wanted to add something classic. We started with the title sequence from “Monsters Inc.”

As we talked about it, we realized there were a lot of ties between the two movies. The monsters in “The Shining” were less obvious, but no one can say “Here’s Johnny!” without a slight shiver. The doors in the hotel also paralleled the doors in Monsters Inc. We decided to keep the theme as light hearted as any Pixar film.

It was definitely fun to work on this project, but I also got to learn a lot about teamwork in the process. Since you want the motion graphic to look like one piece of art, you really have to work well together. The main takeaways I got from this experience are:

Teamwork is pretty amazing when everyone involved is excited about the final product.

The cool thing about the Journalism school is that most everyone in it is as excited to be there as you are. Everyone cares about what they produce. This is the ideal situation in the professional world as well. If you can join a team who really cares about what they are doing, everything is going to be more fun. Extra hours don’t seem to be a problem if it means the end product is going to be awesome!

You have to come to a joint vision and then put aside your ideas that don’t contribute to that vision.

Honestly, Pixar movies aren’t my thing. I’m more into Wes Anderson, Woody Allen and Alfred Hitchcock. Being part of a team means that you’ll get to work with people with different interests that will push you out of your comfort zone into something you wouldn’t think to create otherwise. This does mean though that sometimes you have to push back against your own tendencies if they don’t match the vision of the overall group.

Everyone will have a strength to add to the team, use it to your advantage.

In this project, I didn’t mind doing the detail work of the faces and my partner took the time to figure out how to imitate the iconic blood scene. We divided up the work so that one of us wouldn’t waste our time struggling through a section the other person felt comfortable taking care of. It doesn’t mean you should avoid trying new things, but it does require you to put the needs of the client before your own.
It’s funny to think about what a different movie “The Shining” would be if Disney and Pixar had teamed up with Stephen King to make it, but you can check out a little preview with our title sequence.


Memory Lane graphics

In today’s post, I wanted to share some designs I made while I was abroad. We spent a lot of time in cute little towns that had a lot character and beauty. For each of them I chose my favorite part of the town or a memory that I felt particularly represented it.




Verona is home to Juliet’s balcony and the beautiful gate covered in love locks. While we were there we say a *eccentric* opera version of Romeo and Juliet and obviously imagined we were in Letters to Juliet.


Cinque Terre

5terre logo-01

The Cinque Terre are amazing little towns on the cliffs of the Ligurian coast. The town below, Manarola, was my favorite because we went cliff diving there and it was awesome.




Ferrara has an awesome castle and the day we were there, there happened to be a road race of old timey cars and a massive hot air balloon festival. However, I will always remember Ferrara as the place there was a train strike that led to us sitting in the train station for 3 hours.


I made these in the hopes that I could share my experience of these places with others, but now that I’m looking back at them I’m able to remember so much more about my time there. One of the things I love about design is the emotions you can communicate with it, especially when they’re such good emotions.