Design girl v. me

Most professions have stereotypes about them. As for designers, we’re artsy and it can show up in a variety of categories. I like to think that I’m very much my own person, but I will say that my designer friends have a lot of the same tastes as I do. So today, I’m going to take a look at these stereotypes and find out how I actually stack up.

Clothing ⅖

designgirl1Stereotype design girl is wearing some trendy outfits. She’s got a lot of layering going on and a bunch of unique accessories. She also totally wears some cute glasses and is rocking chic booties. Her bun and her look can both be described as stylish mess.

I am wearing a tshirt dress because it is comfortable and easy. I have the same booties, but my only go-to accessory is my watch. My look is simple and put-together so as not to be an actual mess.

Music ⅘


Design girl likes cool music that does not get played on the radio. She goes to those bands’ secret shows. Truthfully she knows way too much music because she listens to music all day.

I have yet to go to any secret shows, but I do listen to music all day long and have found that my music taste is most similar to other creative people’s. You can check out my favorite summer playlist here.

House Decorating ⅘


Design girl’s house is chic but with an edge of boho. Basically, Anthropologie copies her looks. She totally has some cacti flowering on her window sill and has the coolest prints hanging on the wall. She has artfully mismatched furniture and yet it still looks modern.

Going into an Anthropologie makes my heart race a little with excitement. I do have cacti and succulents lining my window. My main decorations are books and maps, but I also have a happy desk wall to keep me inspired when I’m working. My furniture doesn’t match, but that’s mostly because I’m a broke college student.

Activities ⅗


Design girl is always doing cool things. Basically her Instagram looks like a Kinfolk magazine. She loves drinking craft beer at music festivals, traveling to places like Peru and Vietnam. On a slow weekend she hits up a yard sale after brunching at the hippest new restaurant in town.

With my busy schedule right now, I really enjoy a good book in my free time. Craft beer is great and I do love travelling more than just about anything else. I’m more a farmer’s market type of girl, but I am all about a new restaurant even if I won’t be up in time for brunch.

So, maybe the stereotypes aren’t totally wrong. I’m going to go put in my headphones and water my succulents now.

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