To trend or not to trend

In the design world, the word trendy comes with a lot of different connotations. Sometimes it’s good because it means you’re not behind the times, but no one wants their design to look cool for a year or so and then look like something from a time capsule of the past. Considering both sides of this is important when talking about design trends. They are essential to know about, but imitating them exactly can be a mistake.

Disclaimer aside, trends tend to reflect what new technology and techniques have been discovered to make design more effective. Here are my top design trends happening now:

Bright Colors

I love that color is being used fearlessly in a lot of designs these days. A lot of the time it balances out the minimalistic design used with it. Plus it allows for some really fun color combinations.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is about to be everywhere. Every tech company has their own version. But what I’m interested in seeing is how designers approach what users see and interact with in the virtual reality worlds. This is going to be an opportunity for designers to take on a new sort of medium and make the most of the new technology.

Material design / Flat 2.0

As the descendent of flat design, material design marries the simplicity of flatness with more depth and context to pieces of the design. Basically this makes the web page feel like it’s three dimensional using light and shadow.

Subtle animations

Little animations when a user interacts with something on the page makes the page feel extra alive. This comes in the form of loading screens, menu buttons or page transitions. There are a lot of ways to incorporate this with CSS3 animations and SVG capabilities.


It’s always exciting to see what’s big for the year in graphic design, web design and technology since it helps you figure out what might come next. That being said, trends do fade as evidenced by this April Fool’s article.

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