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Food Publications Galore

Beautiful food photography is everywhere now. Instagram and Pinterest are plastered with it. I love that the internet has popularized this trend, even if it is linked to overeating. All the amateur, easy access food content is great, but I have to admit, I am a sucker for a gorgeously designed cookbook or other food publication.

Print design by its nature is read at a much slower pace than anything published on the internet. Most of our time on the internet is trying to grab information quickly. We have 17 tabs open at once, switching from article to article, always assuming there could be something better out there. With print, you can take your time, you have one thing in front of you at a time. The information is linear.

In the same way, an excellent meal causes you to slow down. You savor the taste you have in front of you presently. You may be excited for dessert, but you first work your way through the other courses. With a well planned meal, you aren’t wondering if eating a different meal might be better, you are enjoying the meal and the company around you. Because print design and food have these traits in common, they are a match made in heaven.

With both, there is a focus on presentation. There is hierarchy of significance and all the parts must tie together to make one greater product. A publication that can achieve these ideals in both design and content will hold my attention for hours. I have a few favorites that I must recommend.

Firstly, Remedy Quarterly is amazing. There are recipes and stories paired with illustrations and photography. All the articles are created by various writers, chefs, and designers. Yet, the final product feels cohesive in the design and the theme.

Next is Bon Appetite. I love both their print and online content. The online content is perfect for recipes. The print magazine is full of beautiful photography and great layouts throughout.

As for cookbooks, I recently bought my mom Twenty Dinners, a cookbook full of full page images and text design with plenty of white space. The recipes are planned seasonal and seem very cool, but truthfully it was the design that sold me.

I also have been pining for a few other cookbooks I would love to get my hands on. Fire + Ice, Hartwood, and Mexico – The Cookbook are on the top of my list. As always, I am hoping to find a perfect combination of style and substance and can’t wait to check them out!

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