design nerd

Design Nerd

   My relationship with design was not love at first sight, not by a long shot. Like a relationship in a Jane Austen novel, it developed into something beautiful over time.

   I was a nerd in high school; and though I liked history and english, I had never found an academic passion. My first encounter with design was the second semester of senior year [read: checked out] in an elective graphic design class. I promptly disregarded it as impractical and went off to pursue a practical college major: psychology.

   Umpteen major changes later, I ended up in a graphic design class and this time, it took. I started spending all my time learning how to use Illustrator and Photoshop, my Pinterest board exploded. I was a nerd again, but this time I had become a design nerd.

   Beautiful, inventive logos, cohesive restaurant branding, hand lettering, innovative websites, developing technology: picking a career path seems to get harder the more I decide what I like. It’s the best kind of problem, loving too many aspects of my career.

   This blog is going to be a chance for me to explore all sorts of design and maybe I’ll figure out a bit more about myself in the process. You can follow and explore with me!

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