I built myself a campfire

I told you I would do some animation this month and I have! I made it for class; the assignment was to create a looping scene and work with the principles of animation.

Honestly, I always watched animation with the assumption that it was some sort of magic that I would never be able to figure out. Obviously there are many people that can do amazing things with animation that I in fact will not ever figure out, but still I was excited to learn that the basics weren’t too tricky!

So for my piece I created this camping scene:

camping scene

After getting feedback, I was able to create this new version where I added a person in the tent, adjusted the movement of the trees and made a few other tweaks.

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited about it. The whole process was not as complicated as I would have imagined. First you sketch out your storyboard:


Next you create the static illustrator artwork that you will be using in the gif:


You animate it in after effects. Everything I did for this project was 2D so that meant thinking about how an actual motion would happen and recreating it.
Lastly, you use photoshop to create a gif out of all the frames (in my case there were 210.) And that’s it! Not too hard!

Here’s the final!


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