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My map covered walls

All of my friends know that if we’re going to a new place, I’ll be the one with the map out leading us there. I do not know how anyone got anywhere before Google maps. I love maps, especially well designed maps.

Reasons why maps are great:

   1. They help you be more efficient

   2. You use them to go see new places

   3. Maps put a context on where you are currently

   I already have a map tapestry, globe and a paper map in my room, I am always looking to collect more. These are some of my favorite pieces I’ve seen:


Found on flickr


Found on tumblr


Found on Behance

All these styles are so beautiful! My favorite are the ones with the details that match the different parts on the map. If anyone has any maps they want to love, definitely send them to me. I will absolutely nerd out about them with you.

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