On personal branding

In the age of social media and the internet, it’s pretty easy to find anyone. Because of this, you might might as well take control of what the world knows about you.

A lot of people take the approach of making their accounts private. They use fake last names, hoping that employers don’t find their embarrassing photographs. Or they are careful to only post pictures of themselves with little kids or doing charity work, trying to look wholesome.

The age of personal branding is here. Instead of the tactics above, what if you made at least part of your profiles public. Make sure anyone can find you. Use the same username and profile pictures. Connect all your social media.

The other day, I friended a coworker on Facebook. Within a few minutes, a flood of notifications hit my phone. He had connected with me on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. When you’ve curated your social presence to tell the world about yourself, this is pretty great! It means that you can tell whoever you connect with exactly what you want them to know about you.

Obviously you can keep some parts of your life private on social media, but also take advantage of your public setting on social media. If you can, make yourself a content curator on whatever you want to be an expert on. Share articles you find interesting. Connect with other experts in the field.

For my Branding of Me class, I’ve done all this and then some. I blog about design, technology and development. I share these blogs on my public facing social media because these are the things I want to be known for.  In addition, because I am a designer, I needed a portfolio site. I took time to figure out my story as a designer and created a site around that. It matches my personality on social media and in real life. If someone wants to get a taste of who I am, they can come here or my social media and know pretty immediately what I care about. If you feel like you know me a little bit better after reading this, I’ve done my job.

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